Finally, create your own beautiful course website on Wordpress

Without needing a web developer, a graphic designer, a psychiatrist and a team of 1,000 nerds

How The @$!& Is That Possible?



Enter David Siteman Garland
The marketing expert cat

I’ve been creating and selling online courses for years and have thousands of students all over the world who have done the same via my Create Awesome Online Courses program.

The question I get about 39485828.8 times a day (give or take 1.8) is:

David, I want to use WordPress to host my online course…do I need to hire a developer? What theme do you recommend? Do you have any recommendations to create a course website that looks like yours? I want it to look great and be easy to use!

When it comes to solutions for my customers and their course websites (you know where your course “lives” online), the best option by far is WordPress. It is what I personally use and so do my very best and most successful students.

But, until now there has been a problem with WordPress [insert dramatic music here].

The problem is it takes hiring a developer and designer (and sometimes a psychiatrist) to get your WordPress site created for you to house your online course (ain’t nobody got time for that!) OR you have to use one of the sucky do-it-yourself options out there (and trust me we looked at them all).

Until now, hiring a developer & designer has been especially essential for WordPress if you want your site to work properly (for you and your customers) and look freaking awesome.

And that can get expensive in a hurry and also cause all kinds of delays (i.e. “Sure, we can make that for you! We will have it over to you in 12 weeks!” D’oh).

So, what else could you do besides hiring a developer and designer?

Well… you could go out and search for a WordPress theme and try to figure it out yourself.

  • The problem is most things out there for WordPress kind of suck (various forms of sucky).
  • Some require you to be an expert designer or the site will look absolutely terrible.
  • Some are impossible to integrate things like your payment processor and ways to protect your content.
  • Some are absolutely brutal to navigate. Meaning, they aren’t user friendly.

What ends up happening?

You either spend an arm and a leg on a designer and developer…and lord knows how long that will take to get done (and what about future changes? You will have to pay for those as well)


You hack together your own WordPress theme, try integrating all kinds of stuff, try to make it look non-crappy…and then get frustrated and give up.


Well, good news my friend. Finally, a solution is here.

Introducing Course Nip by The Course Cats

THE WordPress solution for your online course

A little secret. I’m by no means a techie. I have no idea how to code anything except my alarm code.

Enter Brad Hogan
The nerdy tech cat

So, in the past to get something like Course Nip for my online courses, I had to hire Brad.

Brad has been my web developer for over five years. His work is epic and it isn’t cheap.

I came up with the wild idea, what if I kidnapped my developer Brad for you?

And what if Brad could create something amazing for you that takes away all those annoying WordPress frustrations and is super affordable (as opposed to hiring him for at least $5,000 or more)?

Meaning… something that…

LOOKS BEAUTIFUL:  A responsive design that looks great and allows you to add their own copy, photography and colors to give it a personalized feel without needing to know anything about web design or development. Designed specifically for people who want an online course, which includes a very customizable sales page and a custom design for modules and bonuses.

Screenshots courtesy of one of our happy customers, Jeff Patterson, the absolute bathroom expert! Seriously, if you want your bathroom looking like it came out of the Pottery Barn catalog, take Jeff's course!

YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF & INTEGRATE IT EASILY:  A step-by-step guide (complete with videos) that walk you through EXACTLY how to use the responsive theme, add your sales page and course modules/bonuses, and integrate with a membership plugin so you can accept payments and manage your customers.

Here's a sneak peek of the back-end of Course Cats. Each section in our integration guide includes a video and full text instructions so you can easily follow along and launch your course... without feeling like you just completed brain surgery!

EASY TO NAVIGATE FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS:  Put away the compass and no need to hire the ghost of Magellan. Course Nip is designed to make it super simple for customers to access course material. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a digital product or online course and not being able to access the material you purchased. We’ve designed this so the back-end is super easy to add modules/bonuses to (easy for you) and the front-end is just as simple for users to navigate(your customers).

Screenshots courtesy of one of our happy customers, Tamiko Kelly, the expert at helping moms (and dads!) sleep through the always timely crying babies!

And that’s exactly what Course Nip is. Think of it as an amazing, customizable course website in a box for WordPress.

What You’ll Be Able To Do With Course Nip:

  • Create a beautiful course website on WordPress.
  • Simply protect your course content so only paying customers get access to your content!
  • Create an amazing sales page to sell your course


Responsive WordPress theme

With just the right amount of options, our custom responsive theme was designed to make your course unique, interesting and easy to navigate, but most importantly it’s easy to understand and manage.  We like to think of it as everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Easily add your content
  • Add photography (we’ll show you how)
  • Customize your colors (with our pro color picking tips!)
Step-by-step guide that walks you through everything
  • How to install the theme
  • How to create your sales page
  • How to add content
  • How to make it look great
  • How to add your course modules and bonuses
  • How to integrate with a membership plugin so you can protect your content and accept payments
  • How to integrate your mail list, such as Aweber, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, etc.
  • Pro Tips from a designer/developer (Brad) who has built TONS of custom online courses
Video tutorials!

We know, sometimes it’s just much easier to learn and follow along with a video compared to text.  So, we’ve created videos that go along with each section in the step-by-step guide. Just follow along and your course site will be ready to roll before you know it!

Constantly evolving, unlimited updates.

We aren’t just selling a download and saying good luck. We will be adding features to Course Nip to keep it up-to-date with the ideas and trends that matter in the online course world. If we add new page templates, improve the design to make it even more sexy and conversion-focused, add more options for customizing your content, etc., you will get access to all of those updates.

Unlimited email support!

We have a no man (or woman) left behind policy and we won’t leave you hangin’!


  • #1
    How to pick SEXY colors for your site

    We’ll show you exactly how a professional designer picks colors so you can put together an amazing color palette that makes your course pop!

  • #2
    How to make a gorgeous logo in 10 minutes

    We said we wanted to show you how to keep things simple.  Well, we were serious!  No need to spend tons of time and money on a logo design when you simply want to get your course to market!  We’ll show you how to create a great looking logo.

  • #3
    How to integrate with LeadPages

    In this bonus, we’ll walk you through how to install LeadPages on your WordPress site and turn your homepage into a LeadPages opt-in page.

  • #4
    Important plugins we recommend

    We like to keep things simple and therefore we recommend keeping the plugins on your site to a very small, but effective few.  We’ll share those few recommendations with you and also show you how to integrate the plugins with your course.


If you have an online course or are planning on creating an online course and you want an elegant, simple solution on WordPress for your course website, then this, my friend, is for you.

If you don’t want to create an online course... um why are you here? Kidding, kidding. But seriously...


You are ready to follow along with our guide and videos and get your course up.


You have someone you want to hand this off to and they can set it up for you (it’s so easy to setup it can be anyone from a VA or that techie cousin you give little projects to)

(aren’t we all, hah)

You don’t want to wait weeks and weeks for a developer to get back to you. You want to get going on this NOW.


You are just down right awesome and you have some seriously useful knowledge to share with peeps.  Oh, and you know an online course is the best way to drop that knowledge to the masses!

Course Nip really is an amazing, customizable course website in a box for WordPress. If that's what you've been looking for, then you will not be disappointed with our solution.

Plans & Pricing


If you wanted to hire Brad to create a custom WordPress course website just like Course Nip, it would cost AT LEAST $5,000 and his schedule is so crazy who knows how long it would take (and he rarely accepts new clients!).

We wanted to make this no-brainer affordable for you because we love you like… um… well, we love you.

In all seriousness, we wanted to make this affordable because we didn’t want an amazing WordPress course site to be limited just to people who could afford paying big ticket prices!  We’ve created two very affordable plans – a monthly and yearly payment option.

The yearly deal is absolutely awesome and our best deal and you can also go monthly if you want to save on cash flow.  Think of how many months and/or years it would take to equal what you’d pay a pro to do this!  Ridiculous.


30 DAY guarantee BOOM!

ZERO RISK. 30 Day Guarantee!

We want to make launching your online course in WordPress as easy and awesome as possible. And we stand behind Course Nip. Test drive it for 30 days and if you aren’t happy, we will refund 100% of your money. We know you will love it, but, yes, that’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

Some FAQs...

Do I have to sign a long contract or anything?

Ab-so-lutely NOT. With the monthly option, you pay month-to-month.  Same goes for the yearly – pay per  year.  No long term contracts.

Does Course Cats charge a transaction fee?

NO. We don’t believe we should get a big cut, small cut, or ANY cut of your sales as you get more successful, so we stick to straightforward, predictable membership pricing with zero hidden fees. Some online software companies are charging HUNDREDS of dollars in transactions fees per month. Insane.

I love guarantees more than I love cute puppies. Do you have one?

Yes! We know you will love Course Nip, but if for some reason you are unhappy we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

What other tech will I need to go with Course Nip?

Great question my friend! It’s almost like you are writing the FAQs. Here is what you will need (and don’t worry we go over all of this inside of the Course Nip guide and tutorials):

  • Fresh, hosted WordPress install
  • Payment processor (we recommend Stripe – but again, don’t worry about this just now)
  • SSL certificate from your web host.  We’ll cover this in more detail in our guide, but essentially what this does is it allows you to securely accept credit card payments on your site (i.e. that little green icon with a lock icon you see on sites like Amazon, etc. means they have an SSL certificate)
  • Content protection (we go over this, but our recommendations include WishList Member, MemberMouse and a few others that we will cover in the Course Nip guide) – oh, and one of the member plugins we recommend is not only awesome but it’s also FREE
How many sites can I use the Course Nip theme on?

Ah good question!  If you want all of your courses on the same domain, then YES, you can do that with 1 Course Cats license!

By popular request, some people wanted to use their Course Cats license on more than one domain.  If that’s what you’re looking for, we now have options for a one-site license, 3-site license and 5-site license.  Contact us at to inquire more and get pricing!

Who owns my content?

You do! You own all your stuff. Your videos, your PDFs, all your content… and your little dog too.

I have a question, who should I contact?

We’d first recommend taking a look at our help docs to see if your question has already been answered.  BUT if not, we have epic support ready for you! Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you shortly!

How did you guys make something so awesome?

We are just cool like that.


The People's Choice
per month
  • ZERO transaction fees
  • Instant, full access
  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • Step-by-step integration guide with videos
  • Unlimited Courses on 1 domain
  • Updates & Support
per year
  • ZERO transaction fees
  • Instant, full access
  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • Step-by-step integration guide with videos
  • Unlimited Courses on 1 domain
  • Updates & Support

Want to use your Course Cats license on multiple domains?
Contact us to inquire more


Developing an online course can be overwhelming. I spent a month trying to figure out how to build my course site, and that was with a designer! Course Cats helps you build your site in an easy to follow step-by-step fashion that gives you total control. Seriously, if you have the content you'll have a course in 7 days. Brad and David hit a home run. Thanks guys, you rock.

Course Cats is an awesome solution for easy website building for your online courses. I have tried several different platforms and this was the simplest, most beautiful and gave me the best results. The presentation made it better for my customers too. The Course Cats structure saved me at least a week of my website buildout because all of the most time consuming stuff such as the sales page structure is thought out for you. All you have to do is drop in your content!

For someone like me who is super picky about my content presentation, I absolutely loved the way my course website turned out! I know my customers are going to love it too. I can't wait to create my next course!

Course Cats was great because it's literally plug and play. You download the theme watch the step by step videos and voila... you've got a course site. Which means no sleepless nights or tech headaches as you try to get your course site done (hallelujah!). I was able to get my course up and running in one weekend. Made my first sale that next Monday so when I say it's easy... it's freak'n easy.

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The People's Choice
per month
  • ZERO transaction fees
  • Instant, full access
  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • Step-by-step integration guide with videos
  • Unlimited Courses on 1 domain
  • Updates & Support
per year
  • ZERO transaction fees
  • Instant, full access
  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • Step-by-step integration guide with videos
  • Unlimited Courses on 1 domain
  • Updates & Support

Want to use your Course Cats license on multiple domains?
Contact us to inquire more